Our Mission: Spread the Joy of Reading

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The Grandpa
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Our Story

We are a family who loves to read, and about 25 years ago, we had an idea: Let's create a personalized story where the letters come to life.

We've come a long way since eight-year-old Jen's original drawings. And don't worry. We hired a professional this time around!

Now adults with families of our own, we created Dear Peanut to provide fun and unique stories that introduce kids to the joy of reading.

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Made in Idaho, USA

We are proud to be a part of Boise, Idaho's thriving start up community. Our book was written, designed, and created by a crew of talented Idahoans and Idaho-based companies.

In addition, we are one of the few technology companies founded and led by a woman CEO. In fact, she coded this website! We believe that with the right skills and lots of hard work and determination, anyone can succeed in the tech industry.

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Providing Good Nights and Special Moments

Our mission is to provide you and your child with a unique storytime experience - one so special, your child will look forward to it every night.

To further our mission, we've partnered with Book It Forward Idaho which provides books to children who lack access. Each purchase helps provide special storytimes and good nights to children in underserved communities.

Have some gently used children's books?

Donate your books to Book It Forward Idaho so they can be given a second chance!

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