Great gift for Olivia

Great gift

"A great gift for my granddaughter that is fun and educational. Nothing beats quality time with my grandbaby!"

Fun unique story

Olivia's Story!

The story spells her name with fun characters and shares a special quality about her for each letter.

Personalized book for Olivia

Gorgeous design

"This gift earned me the title of favorite Auntie! Adorable story, lovely illustrations, and quality book."

About The Book

Right Age!

Perfect book for all Olivias ages 0-6.

Right Size!

It's 8.5 x 8.5 inch square shape is easy for little hands to hold. The durable softcover is tough to tear.

Right Fun!

Great fun for learning letters and how to spell Olivia's name. And the story has a pattern that makes it easy for little ones to memorize and “read” with you.

Free Downloadable Fun!

Color Me!

Download the Valiant V coloring page for a few minutes of fun with your little one.


ABC Video!

Watch a fun ABC video with the Dear Peanut characters.

Watch Video

Color Me, Too!

Download the Adventurous A coloring page for a few minutes of fun.